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If you are looking for an attractive place to enjoy cultural leisure, your place is Parque de las Ciencias in Granada. Located at 15 minutes on foot from the historical center of the city, it is an interactive science center and museum that dedicates 70,000 m2 to smart fun and educational entertainment. With more than 600,000 visitors a year, it has become established as the most visited museum in Andalusia.
Nature, astronomy, mechanical games, optical effects or a journey inside the human body are some of the permanent contents of the museum for all ages. 27,000 m2 of green areas, 5,000 m2 of temporary exhibitions, rest area, free picnic and café-restaurant for having a good day.

Don’t miss


A window to life. A space dedicated to the biodiver- sity of the planet that houses more than 200 species between animals and plants.


Its projectors recreate more than 7,000 stars, offering a view of the Universe in 360o, as well as other sub- jects in a dozen different programs.

Tropical Butter y House

20 butter y species and more than 70 species of plants from tropical and subtropical areas.

Birds of prey Workshops

Observe the ight of an eagle or how a hawk hunts, just from a few inches away.

Workshops and guided tours

The museum offers around ten daily workshops open to all visitors, as well as guided tours to different spaces such as the Almazara and the Dolmen.

General information

Opening Hours

Tuesday to Saturday and Mondays eve of holidays from 10.00 to 19.00. Sunday and Holidays from 10.00 to 15.00.
Closed: 1st and 6th of January , May 1st, December 25th, Mondays closed
Planetarium: Show times are confirmed at the ticket booth, with approximately one session every hour. Due to possible changes, visitors are welcomed to visit the website and check the calendar.

Entrance fees*

  Museum Museum+ BioDomo Planetarium *Only BioDomo
9.00€(guide included)
5.00€(guide included)

* BioDomo only: One hour before the closing of the museum

Reduced entry fee: Visitors older than 65, younger than 18 and organised groups of more than 15 people.
*Entrance fees are subject to possible variation.

How to get there


On foot: It is about 15 minutes from the city centre.

By car: Take Camino de Ronda from the Ring Road (Circunvalación).

City bus:

    • Línea 5 (Fernando de los Ríos-Parque de las Ciencias)
    • Línea 11 (Plaza de las Américas)
    • Línea 21 (Avd. Federico García Lorca-Parque Cruz de Lagos)
    • Línea C5 (Alejandro Otero)

Metro station: Alcázar del Genil


Prices for public parking are reduced for visitors.

Rules for Visitors

Parque de las Ciencias is a public non-profit institution devoted to promoting education and culture. To ensure that our visitors can enjoy the experience, we require everybody’s cooperation.

Please observe the following rules:

Many of the objects and experiences at the museum are fragile and can be damaged by improper use. Please treat them with the greatest care. By doing so you will also be protecting your own safety.
Please do not hesitate to request assistance from our Visitor Service Staff if you have any questions or requirements during your visit. Please bear the timetables in mind, especially for the Planetarium, where entry is not allowed after the start of the session.
Express authorisation is always required for any photography or video recording activities for professional purposes within the premises. Photography and video recording is allowed unless otherwise indicated and provided it does not disturb other visitors.
To avoid disturbance, the use of mobile phones in the exhibition rooms is not allowed, and it is recommended to restrict its use in other areas. It is important to respect the quiet atmosphere of the museum. The Management reserves the right of admission to ensure proper use of the facilities.
The museum has two coffee shops and a free picnic area where visitors can rest and take refreshments. Please do not take any beverages or food into the exhibition rooms or indoor areas. Water containers are allowed provided they are provided with a closing device preventing accidental spilling. Water should not be drunk inside the exhibition rooms. You are likewise reminded that smoking is not allowed throughout the museum premises.
Guide dogs may accompany any persons requiring them; no other animals are allowed into the premises.
For your convenience, the museum has lockers available free of charge and a cloakroom where you can leave umbrellas, large backpacks and parcels. For security reasons it is not allowed to enter the premises with bags or baggage items measuring more than 40x40 cm, or enter Exhibitions with an umbrella.
Children are welcome to the museum: the adults accompanying them must take care of their security and properly attend to them at all times. Children under 12 years of age must remain with a responsible adult at all times.
Organised groups must be accompanied by a responsible person who will arrange the visit with the museum staff. Any activities other than a regular visit must be authorised in advance.
The Duty Manager is available to clarify any questions or issues regarding these rules, which are available in full for reference on the museum’s official Website: